Startup Spotlight

BE is a new start-up social enterprise based in Cambridge, MA providing a technology platform for incentivized online learning. BE is a disruptive educational technology company with global reach. The vision of BE is a world where everyone has an engaging, rewarding and purposeful access to quality 21st century education.

Smack - you in controlSmak puts you in control of your communication and relationships by turning your email and social network clutter into relevant and insightful conversations. Smak increases your responsiveness to key clients, improves your sales, and automates tedious CRM tasks. Our unique technology makes it easier to deal with communication overload and see clearly which relationships can be leveraged for new business opportunities. Visit us:  Follow us:  @onsmak Like us:

360Chestnut is building an on-line community dedicated to helping members make radical improvements in the energy efficiency of their homes. Members get personalized access to the more than 5000 generous federal, state, utility, manufacturer and non-profit rebates, incentives and free services that will pay them to make their homes more energy efficient. Members receive expert information about what to do to their homes, as well as a connection to those who can do the work – all for free.

Our mission is to educate people in developing countries in media arts so they can self-document the life and transformation in their communities. We hope to assist in presenting often difficult or unsightly realities that otherwise go unheard to those fortunate enough to help. We want every organization with which EPHAS works, to have the resources to educate their clientele in media arts, enabling them to document their own experiences and, in turn, promote the organization offering aid.
ALIP is a recent startup which plans to deliver high resolution systems that lead to the next generation of medical imaging systems and defense imaging systems. The mission of ALIP is to expedite critical information to doctors and military personal on different situations in sometimes critical where every second is valuable. Our Technology performs with unprecedented accurate resolution for a technology of this nature.
AltrUHelp is building an online software & social media platform for a specialized community of “responsible” companies and individuals to increase their stakeholder value & social impact. AltrUHelp provides a consolidated, reliable and universal online platform for users to amplify their “good doing” to targeted audiences while expanding “shared value” connections and influence.